A K-2 Anti Discrimination Lesson: Responding to the Christchurch Mosque Shootings

A K-2 Anti-Discrimination Lesson: Responding to the Christchurch Mosque Shootings

After hearing about the tragic New Zealand shootings, I wanted to figure out a way I can move beyond “thoughts and prayers” and take some action in my own classroom. I wrote this lesson plan about anti-discrimination and acceptance in order to give other educators a resource to take action.

"Grace for President" US Presidential Election Lesson for Grades 2-4

Colorful Pages Lesson Plan: “Grace for President”

We have created a Colorful Pages Lesson Plan surrounding Kelly DiPucchio's book for Grades 2-4. The lesson plan is aligned to Common Core State Standards for all three of those grades and can be easily aligned to your state's social studies standards. In this lesson, students discuss and research the question, “What is the US Presidential Election?” using Grace for President and a KWL (Know-Wonder/Want-Learn) Chart.

5 Multicultural Books for Social Emotional Learning

"However, while creating my SEL lessons, I always run into the same problem/question: Where are all the SEL books with children of color??? This problem runs deeper than I can get into for a Fast Five Friday article, but, through this article, I hope that I can help temporarily alleviate the problem by showcasing you all some good and colorful books."