Founded in November 2018 by Kaitlin Kamalei Brandon, Colorful Pages was created as a resource and blog for educators, families, and librarians to help them select and use multicultural literature with PreK-12 students.

Colorful Pages uses The Spectrum for Multicultural Literature, created by Brandon (2017). The Spectrum ensures that multicultural literature is used to its greatest extent to cultivate crosscultural empathy and cultural empowerment in our students. Colorful Pages aims to post book reviews, teaching resources, lesson plans, and general articles to support others in this mission.


Vision Statement: A world of colorful pages, where our students feel empowered in their own culture and empathetic towards other cultures.

Mission Statement: To ensure colorful pages for our students by supporting educators, families, and librarians in using multicultural literature.


  • Diversity – We aim to be inclusive of all identities. Through our work, we specifically focus on race, ethnicity, and culture, but acknowledge the intersectionality of all identities.
  • Empathy – Our hope is to grow empathy in our students, so we try to model empathy, compassion and appreciation, for others in our work.
  • Empowerment – We also hope to help our students feel empowered in their identities by modeling a love and courage that grows from our identities.
  • Responsiveness – We value the participation of educators, families, and librarians and strive to respond to their needs.