Building Self-Acceptance & Understanding: An Interview with Author Lexa Duno-Andreu

"They Will Ask Us" explores the questions, the well-meaning and the not, that people will bring to others around their identities. It uses figurative language to embrace the message of self-acceptance and empathy. I had the incredible pleasure to engage with Author Lexa Duno-Andreu in an interview. I love all my interviews with authors, but this one I had some deep questions for because of how I personally connected with the book. Check out the interview!

15 Wonderful Women of Color Authors

I am SO excited to write this list of 15 Wonderful Women of Color Authors! Even though it is not Women’s History Month anymore, we need to uplift women of color authors as much as possible. Also, I want to point out that this list is definitely not exhaustive and there are SO many more Wonderful Women of Color authors than the 15 I list here. Check out our social media and website resources to find more suggestions!

Mirror Making: A Conversation with Daria Peoples-Riley

When I finally got my hands on Daria Peoples-Riley's book, I was instantly captivated by her illustrations: Wow, just wow. I felt like I was right next to the main character, walking through a well-loved community. I just had to feature this book and author-illustrator on Colorful Pages! Luckily, when I reached out, Daria agreed to do an interview to discuss her own story and latest picture book.