Looking for training around diverse books and the Spectrum for Multicultural Literature? Colorful Pages has a variety of workshops that we can provide to your team, school, organization, and/or community! We have presented to numerous organizations at multiple events, including the Seattle Public Schools Racial Equity Institute and the Northwest Teaching for Social Justice Conference.

Check out the list of our workshops below. Fill out the contact form at the bottom to request a workshop and discuss costs.

List of Workshops

Ensuring Colorful Pages: The Spectrum for Multicultural Literature in K–5 Classrooms

With current events in our nation, it is becoming more crucial to create an inclusive and empathetic K–5 classroom. In this interactive workshop, we will explore the use of multicultural literature to cultivate cultural empowerment and crosscultural empathy in our students. Participants will leave the workshop with a knowledge of how to select and use multicultural literature for the classroom based on The Spectrum for Multicultural Literature.

Social Emotional Learning and The Spectrum for Multicultural Literature

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is incredibly important in every classroom. However, our students of color are often left out of the books read to teach SEL. Without seeing those mirrors, students of color are shown that their emotions are undervalued. And, without other students seeing those windows, they are shown that certain students’ emotions matter more. Participants will further explore The Spectrum for Multicultural Literature, get ideas of books to use for their SEL lessons, and start crafting a lesson(s) for their classrooms or settings.

Custom Workshop

Colorful Pages aims to help many different organizations and communities! Considering this, we are open to creating a custom-tailored workshop to meet your specific needs.

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