Native American Heritage Month: A 2022 Diverse Picture Book List

Happy Native American Heritage Month! In this post there is a list of Diverse Picture Books for Native American Heritage Month 2022 and beyond. Every book is written by an Indigenous author because I believe it is incredibly important to support Native authors and authors that have the community knowledge and lived experience needed to write these books. Pick some of these picture books and let’s honor 2022 Native American Heritage Month this November!

Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month: A 2022 Diverse Picture Book List

Happy National Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month! Within this post, there are 25 picture books that I absolutely love for Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month! I have cultivated and organized this list in order to help you all get the fullness and depth that Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month deserves. Additionally, the picture books were created by Hispanic & Latinx authors and/or illustrators.

Happy Pride Month: 10 Diverse Picture Books

Happy Pride Month, Colorful Pages Community! To join in on the celebrations and continue to advocate for social justice, I put together a Colorful Pages Happy Pride Month Book List. This book list contains 10 diverse picture books that families, educators, and librarians can use to recognize Pride Month, be inclusive of the LGBTQIA+ community, and have conversations about social justice issues in support of the LGBTQIA+ community. Over half of our list includes books written by authors of color! 

Books About AAPI Leaders: An Elementary AAPI Studies List

This month I am doing an AAPI Studies Series for Colorful Pages. My hope is to release a plethora of resources for educators, families, and librarians to ensure that our history and heritage is taught. In this booklist, I share 15 books about AAPI Leaders for elementary students, consisting of mostly picture books! Each book is written or co-written by an AAPI author because we must center AAPI voices while teaching our heritage and history. I have organized this list into two categories: (1) Books Featuring Multiple AAPI Leaders, and (2) Books Featuring a Specific AAPI Leader. 

Diverse Books to Address Anti-AAPI Racism & Empower Our AAPI Community

To say the last week has been hard would be an understatement. On Tuesday evening, a gunman killed six Asian women and two others in attacks on spas across Atlanta, Georgia. We must call this for what it was: a hate crime and one of the worst forms of racism, murder. To help the nation address the anti-AAPI racism and help our community heal, we have created a list of 20 diverse books for educators, families, and librarians to use with your students on our website. There are 10 picture books and 10 young adult novels to address Anti-AAPI Racism, empower our AAPI Community, and provide counternarratives. Each book (besides one) is written by an amazing AAPI author. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Please remember that you have future adults in your classrooms, homes, and libraries. You can have an impact on them and help them challenge anti-AAPI racism. Together, by centering AAPI voices and experiences, we can heal our community!⁣⁣

Black History Month: 28 Picture Books for 28 Days and Beyond!

Happy Black History Month! There is so much rich history and amazing leaders to learn from in Black History. I know that many of you all are looking for some quality books to uplift this month and integrate into your curriculum, homes, and libraries for the rest of the year, too. Therefore, I have listed 28 Picture Books for Black History Month and Beyond, all written by #OwnVoices brilliant Black authors. Check out these amazing books so that we can make sure Black History is taught this month and year-round!

Black Lives Matter at School Week: A List of Picture Books

For Black Lives Matter at School Week, I have created a list of picture books related to each day’s values. I encourage you to use these during your lessons, story times, bedtimes, and/or any other time to make sure that Black Lives Matter at School Week is weaved throughout our students and children’s days. There are 27 picture books listed below. The majority were written by Black authors.

Native American Heritage Month: 2020 Book List

Happy National Native American Heritage Month! Because of the strong advocacy and voice of the Native American Community, each November we celebrate and honor the heritage and history of the first people of America with National Native American Heritage Month. Our list has 14 Picture Books, 5 Middle Grade Books, and 6 Young Adult Books. Every book is written by an Indigenous author. Our list has a variety of books to show the breadth and diversity in Native American Heritage. From folktales to history to fiction conveying modern Native American experiences, each book is crucial in seeing windows and mirrors from the Native American community.

Filipino American History Month: 2020 Book List

Happy Filipino American History Month! In 2009, the US Congress declared October as National Filipino American History Month. This is to commemorate the first recorded presence of Filipinos on the continental United States on October 18, 1587. I chose books that provide windows and mirrors into Filipino and Filipino-American experiences, history, and culture. In this list, there are 5 picture books, 3 middle grade books, and 2 young adult books. Pick a couple to get started and let’s uplift Filipino stories!

National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month: 2020 Book List

Happy National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month! Within this article, I list 20 diverse books: 9 Picture Books, 5 Early Chapter & Middle Grade Books, and 6 Young Adult Books. Each of these books are written by a #OwnVoices author who identifies as Latinx. Pick out a couple of these books for your children or students’ age range and start to celebrate National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month!