Native American Heritage Month: A 2022 Diverse Picture Book List

Happy Native American Heritage Month! In this post there is a list of Diverse Picture Books for Native American Heritage Month 2022 and beyond. Every book is written by an Indigenous author because I believe it is incredibly important to support Native authors and authors that have the community knowledge and lived experience needed to write these books. Pick some of these picture books and let’s honor 2022 Native American Heritage Month this November!

Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month: A 2022 Diverse Picture Book List

Happy National Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month! Within this post, there are 25 picture books that I absolutely love for Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month! I have cultivated and organized this list in order to help you all get the fullness and depth that Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month deserves. Additionally, the picture books were created by Hispanic & Latinx authors and/or illustrators.

National Day for Truth & Reconciliation: Diverse Books for Sept 30th & the Rest of the Year

National Day for Truth & Reconciliation is on September 30, 2022. It is a day that many Indigenous communities and activists advocated for in Canada. Please use the information and resources below to honor this day with your students and children worldwide. The picture books listed below are all written by Indigenous authors and/or Indigenous illustrators to ensure we are listening to Indigenous voices, especially while recognizing the tragedies of Residential and Boarding Schools in the US and Canada.

Back to School with Colorful Pages: Diverse Books About Starting School

Happy Back-to-School Time! I have put together a series of book lists that I think are perfect for the first couple months of school! We will be releasing each list throughout the beginning of the school year. In this list of “Books About Starting School”, we have diverse books about starting school. I feature books that are mostly by Authors of Color and perfect for any classroom. Like usual, there are some ideas about what you can do with the books or why they are good for this topic.

Diverse Picture Books for a Caring Classroom Community

Happy First Month of School for so many of our Colorful Pages Community! With all of this anxiety swarming around me, the clearest thing I am clinging to in my pedagogy is: How can I create a Caring Classroom Community? Here is a list of Diverse Picture Books for a Caring Classroom Community. Use these 10 books to build connections between students, foster a love for their community, and affirm themselves.

Happy Pride Month: 10 Diverse Picture Books

Happy Pride Month, Colorful Pages Community! To join in on the celebrations and continue to advocate for social justice, I put together a Colorful Pages Happy Pride Month Book List. This book list contains 10 diverse picture books that families, educators, and librarians can use to recognize Pride Month, be inclusive of the LGBTQIA+ community, and have conversations about social justice issues in support of the LGBTQIA+ community. Over half of our list includes books written by authors of color!