Colorful Pages provides consulting and coaching to support educators, librarians, and families in using multicultural literature. There are a few options we have for consulting and coaching but we are also willing to customize a plan for your specific needs.

Review our consulting and coaching services below and fill out the form to request a quote and plan:

Culturally Sustaining Curriculum Coaching

A model for more sustained support over a longer period of time. We will provide coaching around culturally sustaining curriculum and multicultural literature. This service is more customized to the client and organization requesting it.

Curating A Collection Of Multicultural Literature

We can curate a specific list or collection of multicultural literature based on the needs of the client and organization. 

Consulting On Multicultural Literature And Culturally Sustaining Curriculum

We can provide consulting on multicultural literature and culturally sustaining curriculum. Some examples of what this could look like include helping your organization, school, or district:

  • Create an alternative Diverse Book list for your current curriculum
  • Develop a Literacy, Social Studies, SEL, and/or Ethnic Studies Curriculum that uses diverse books
  • Analyze and select a curriculum that utilizes Diverse Books well
  • Organize a Diverse Book program for students and/or families

Multicultural Literature Analysis

Colorful Pages can analyze specific pieces of multicultural literature in order to determine if they are the best fit for the client and organization.

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