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We have just started a Patreon based on requests we are getting from people who want to support us financially. Check out our Patreon at to start donating to our cause today!

There you can sign up for one of our four levels of support: Colorful Pages Ally, Colorful Pages Advocate, Colorful Pages Activist, and Colorful Pages Partner. There is also custom donating if you want to make your own tier. Our first goal is to reach $50 per month of Patreon Support so that we can afford the website maintenance fee and take down the ads on our website!

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Our outreach is super important to us too! We want our resources to get to as MANY educators, librarians, and families as possible. Considering this, a big way to support us is to go to our social media and follow and share our posts! This helps the word get out about Colorful Pages!

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Looking for even MORE ways to support us? Email and we’d love to share other ways you can support us.