Read About Racism & Our History: Diverse Books for Students

The most patriotic thing we can do is to constantly strive for our nation to be better, more equitable, and just. So, today (and every day), sit down with your kiddos, delve into racism in our American History, and talk about next steps to redress the harm. Here are some books to Read About Racism & Our History.

Anti-Racist Books for Elementary Students: A Diverse Book List

It is incredibly important that we talk about race, racism, and anti-racism with our kiddos starting at a young age. I have listed 16 books altogether: 4 diverse books about race; 5 books about racism, prejudice, and anti-racism in a modern context; and 7 books about racism, prejudice, and anti-racism in a historical context. Every book on this list is written by an author of color because I feel we, as Black Indigenous, People of Color, need to be the ones to tell these stories since we are the ones that have experienced the racism discussed within them. Hopefully our Anti-Racist Book List for Elementary Students can help inspire you to bring these conversations to your classroom, home, and/or library!