Building Self-Acceptance & Understanding: An Interview with Author Lexa Duno-Andreu

"They Will Ask Us" explores the questions, the well-meaning and the not, that people will bring to others around their identities. It uses figurative language to embrace the message of self-acceptance and empathy. I had the incredible pleasure to engage with Author Lexa Duno-Andreu in an interview. I love all my interviews with authors, but this one I had some deep questions for because of how I personally connected with the book. Check out the interview!

Mirror Making: A Conversation with Daria Peoples-Riley

When I finally got my hands on Daria Peoples-Riley's book, I was instantly captivated by her illustrations: Wow, just wow. I felt like I was right next to the main character, walking through a well-loved community. I just had to feature this book and author-illustrator on Colorful Pages! Luckily, when I reached out, Daria agreed to do an interview to discuss her own story and latest picture book.