#BlackLivesMatter: K-8 Distance Learning Activities for Justice for George Floyd

In these Distance Learning Activities, students and you will learn about and process: Black Lives Matter, racial injustice, and the murder of George Floyd. To do this, you will use discussions and videos or read alouds. Then, students will get the chance to take action and stand up for Black Lives Matter and George Floyd by picking a Black Lives Matter Project to do. There are four choices for them to pick from including: art, writing, and letter writing.

Kings & Counternarratives: 8 Books Featuring Black Male Characters

Recently, our country was harmed by another racist tragedy. Therefore, as an actionable step to help address racism towards the Black community, I have created a list of books featuring Black male characters to act as counternarratives. I chose to list 8 books (4 picture books, 2 middle grade books, and 2 young adult books) in remembrance of Ahmaud Arbery because his birthday is today, May 8th. Each of these books are written by Black authors and most are written by Black men.

5 Books for Black Lives Matter at Schools - Colorful Pages

5 Books for Black Lives Matter at School Week

Happy Black Lives Matter at School Week! Although Black Lives Matter at School Week ends today, February 8th, it should be a year-round conversation with our students and kiddos. To help you with this conversation, here are five books you need for Black Lives Matter at School: (1) I Love My Hair!, by Natasha Anastasia … Continue reading 5 Books for Black Lives Matter at School Week