Taking Black History Beyond February: 13 Picture Books and Young Adult Lit

Some of you may already know this, but I’m here to tell you BLACK HISTORY DOESN’T NEED TO STOP WHEN FEBRUARY STOPS! Yes, Black History is American History, which means, it is not (and should not be) confined to just one month. Here are ten picture books and three young adult chapter books to extend Black History month in your classrooms, libraries, and homes.

5 Books Featuring Native Hawaiian Characters

As I am sitting in my Tūtū’s house writing this article, I feel at peace, but also a strong sense of kuleana (responsibility) to make sure every teacher has resources to help eradicate negative stereotypes of Native Hawaiians and teach the richness of us. Therefore, I am listing 5 Books Featuring Native Hawaiian Characters for this Fast Five Friday.

Mirror Making: A Conversation with Daria Peoples-Riley

When I finally got my hands on Daria Peoples-Riley's book, I was instantly captivated by her illustrations: Wow, just wow. I felt like I was right next to the main character, walking through a well-loved community. I just had to feature this book and author-illustrator on Colorful Pages! Luckily, when I reached out, Daria agreed to do an interview to discuss her own story and latest picture book.