Grades 3-5 Figurative Language Lesson: Free Lesson Plan & Materials Centering a Diverse Book

We can slowly feel the changes from Autumn to Winter embracing our towns. The changing of seasons lends itself so well to figurative language, which makes it the perfect time to teach it! Therefore, I created a free lesson plan and materials to teach (or review) figurative language to students in Grades 3-5. There are even differentiated worksheets and assessment criteria for you to really meet your students' needs. Check it out below!

World Kindness Day: K-5 Lesson Plan & Materials

Happy (almost) World Kindness Day! November 13th is World Kindness Day and oh goodness does our world need some more kindness in it. This year, I wanted to revamp my typical Kindness Lesson for World Kindness Day and center it around a new diverse book that was just published this October! Check out the lesson plan and resources below to center kindness in your own K-5 classroom.

“Claim Your Name”: PreK – Grade 1 Name Writing Lesson

This lesson plan is for students in PreK, Grade K, and Grade 1. The lesson is centered around the idea of “Claim Your Name” to empower students! To help students claim their names, teachers will show them an example using Alma and How She Got Her Name, conduct a community circle to practice name pronunciation, and end with a name writing activity. I hope that educators and parents find this free resource helpful in our journey to build up our students and community!