Across our world, many schools are closing in order to prevent further spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), including my own Seattle Public Schools. At first, it felt like I was in the exposition of a suspense movie – innocent students wavering between summer-like excitement and intense sadness, parents worried about their kids falling behind, staff trying to support our community with only two hours notice. It was not until I got home and was finally able to unseal my box of emotions (previously pent up in order to support my students’ feelings) that I finally started crying. Eventually and thankfully, my anxiety and emotion turned to passion and drive. The main question running through my head was: How can I best support families in providing learning opportunities at home for their students? 

Immediately, and I am talking like 3 hours after I got home from school, I started making video lessons to put up on YouTube (check out the channel Colorful Classrooms with Ms. B). Families, especially my own, were so appreciative of the support! I realized my action could not stop there, especially when I run a diverse book website that aims to help educators, librarians, and FAMILIES. Therefore, it is time to rev up on the FAMILY SUPPORT here at Colorful Pages!

Photo by Andrew Ebrahim on Unsplash

We are creating a series of blog posts called, “Colorful Pages at Home”. During this series, we will be posting several blog posts with a diverse book list and discussion questions focusing on a specific reading skill. Colorful Pages hopes to alleviate some of the stress of pseudo-homeschooling that is burdening our families due to the coronavirus. We want to help parents see quick and easy ways to integrate more learning into a time most are familiar with: A Read Aloud at Home.

So, stay tuned for our Colorful Pages at Home series! We will be covering the following skills [and linking them to this blog post as they are posted]:

We hope this helps! Stay safe and stay healthy ❤️

5 thoughts on “Colorful Pages at Home: Introduction

  1. Dear Tracy and Jenn,

    This is the woman that I met at the NW Social Justice Teaching conference. She is AMAZING and this is so inspiring. I would love to discuss this with you. Can we have our call tonight at 5:15? I am going to get a ZOOM account today and so I will send you an invite.


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