Anti-Racist Books for Elementary Students: A Diverse Book List

It is incredibly important that we talk about race, racism, and anti-racism with our kiddos starting at a young age. I have listed 16 books altogether: 4 diverse books about race; 5 books about racism, prejudice, and anti-racism in a modern context; and 7 books about racism, prejudice, and anti-racism in a historical context. Every book on this list is written by an author of color because I feel we, as Black Indigenous, People of Color, need to be the ones to tell these stories since we are the ones that have experienced the racism discussed within them. Hopefully our Anti-Racist Book List for Elementary Students can help inspire you to bring these conversations to your classroom, home, and/or library!

Happy Juneteenth: Diverse Books & Teaching Resources

Happy (Almost) Juneteenth!! Juneteenth is the nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery. It is on June 19th. The day honors June 19, 1865, which was the day that Union soldiers came to Texas to say that the enslaved were now free, which was several years after the Emancipation Proclamation (history that would also … Continue reading Happy Juneteenth: Diverse Books & Teaching Resources

Black Heroes in History: Grades K-5 Learning Activities

In this lesson, students will start to learn more about Black History through researching Black Heroes in History. Depending on the grade level and setting, students will participate in research through an adult read aloud, YouTube video, and/or an article. Then, they will be asked to complete a worksheet where they will write about the facts they learned about the Black Heroes in History. This is a great lesson to START to talk about Black History and introduce students to some key Black Heroes. You can also do the lesson multiple times with different Black Heroes in History. But, please make sure the conversations do not just stop here! There are many important heroes, events, and concepts in Black History that need to be taught year-round.

#BlackLivesMatter: K-8 Distance Learning Activities for Justice for George Floyd

In these Distance Learning Activities, students and you will learn about and process: Black Lives Matter, racial injustice, and the murder of George Floyd. To do this, you will use discussions and videos or read alouds. Then, students will get the chance to take action and stand up for Black Lives Matter and George Floyd by picking a Black Lives Matter Project to do. There are four choices for them to pick from including: art, writing, and letter writing.

Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month: 15 Diverse Books to Tell Our Stories

To help, I have had the extreme pleasure of curating a list of diverse books that authentically share experiences from the APIA community. I have listed 15 books: 6 picture books, 5 early chapter books/middle grade books, and 4 young adult books. Each book is written by someone from the APIA community. I also chose to focus primarily on Exploration and Conversation books that delve into the heritage part of this month. Happy Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month! I hope you truly see the diversity, love, complexity, and richness in our large community.

Kings & Counternarratives: 8 Books Featuring Black Male Characters

Recently, our country was harmed by another racist tragedy. Therefore, as an actionable step to help address racism towards the Black community, I have created a list of books featuring Black male characters to act as counternarratives. I chose to list 8 books (4 picture books, 2 middle grade books, and 2 young adult books) in remembrance of Ahmaud Arbery because his birthday is today, May 8th. Each of these books are written by Black authors and most are written by Black men.

Ramadan Mubarak: Diverse Book List & Teaching Resources for Ramadan

No matter if all, some, or none of your students observe Ramadan, you should teach your students about this important Muslim holiday! It is crucial that we provide windows, mirrors, and doors, so every child feels seen and every child gets the chance to learn about others. To do this, try reading a book and having a discussion with your students and/or kiddos. In this article, I have composed a list of 5 Picture Books about Ramadan and some Teaching Resources for Ramadan.

Celebrating Khmer New Year through Reading and Talking About Cambodian Experiences

This year, Khmer New Year will fall between April 14th and 16th. I encourage you to share with your community of students, families, and friends about the country of Cambodia and its courageous people. I put together a list of six books written about or by Cambodian people. The picture book illustrations remind me of the style of paintings that my Ba (dad) enjoys making when he recalls his life in Cambodia.

Colorful Pages at Home: Describing & Understanding Characters

In this post, we are going to give support in how to develop the reading skill of Describing and Understanding Characters for your K-12 students at home. We provide a deeper look at the skill, a diverse book list with books for all ages, discussion questions for elementary school students, and reading activities for middle school and high school students.