Colorful Pages at Home: Introduction

Considering all of this, we are creating a series of blog posts called, “Colorful Pages at Home”. During this series, we will be posting several blog posts with a diverse book list and discussion questions focusing on a specific reading skill. Colorful Pages hopes to alleviate some of the stress of pseudo-homeschooling that is burdening our families due to the coronavirus.

5 Books Featuring Native Hawaiian Characters

As I am sitting in my Tūtū’s house writing this article, I feel at peace, but also a strong sense of kuleana (responsibility) to make sure every teacher has resources to help eradicate negative stereotypes of Native Hawaiians and teach the richness of us. Therefore, I am listing 5 Books Featuring Native Hawaiian Characters for this Fast Five Friday.

Mirror Making: A Conversation with Daria Peoples-Riley

When I finally got my hands on Daria Peoples-Riley's book, I was instantly captivated by her illustrations: Wow, just wow. I felt like I was right next to the main character, walking through a well-loved community. I just had to feature this book and author-illustrator on Colorful Pages! Luckily, when I reached out, Daria agreed to do an interview to discuss her own story and latest picture book.