Taking Black History Beyond February: 13 Picture Books and Young Adult Lit

Some of you may already know this, but I’m here to tell you BLACK HISTORY DOESN’T NEED TO STOP WHEN FEBRUARY STOPS! Yes, Black History is American History, which means, it is not (and should not be) confined to just one month. Here are ten picture books and three young adult chapter books to extend Black History month in your classrooms, libraries, and homes.

Colorful Pages at Home: Introduction

Considering all of this, we are creating a series of blog posts called, “Colorful Pages at Home”. During this series, we will be posting several blog posts with a diverse book list and discussion questions focusing on a specific reading skill. Colorful Pages hopes to alleviate some of the stress of pseudo-homeschooling that is burdening our families due to the coronavirus.

Books to Build Your Ethnic Studies Library

Colorful Pages got to be apart of the 2019 Seattle Ethnic Studies Institute this week. I wanted to create a post about some of the books we have on display at the 2019 Seattle Ethnic Institute for our virtual followers. The following titles are books that educators, librarians, and families can use to build their ethnic studies lessons and libraries! We will cover three books for elementary and three books for secondary.

Diverse Books for Guided Reading Groups

Diverse Books for Guided Reading Groups

n addition, it is important for all readers to see other races and cultures in the books we use for Guided Reading Groups. When we do this, we are showing that diversity and cultural appreciation is as foundational in our classroom communities as phonics and reading comprehension. To help classrooms, families, and libraries, I have compiled a list of my favorite diverse books for Guided Reading Groups.

Colorful Pages - 3 First Steps for Creating Colorful Classrooms

3 First Steps for Creating Colorful Classrooms

Welcome to Colorful Pages! Are you ready to create a Colorful Classroom? Recently our nation has been plagued with some horrific events, especially for people of color. Sometimes it seems as if every time it gets better, there is something lurking to smother color and culture. As teachers, librarians, and parents, we want to make … Continue reading 3 First Steps for Creating Colorful Classrooms