“Claim Your Name”: PreK – Grade 1 Name Writing Lesson

This lesson plan is for students in PreK, Grade K, and Grade 1. The lesson is centered around the idea of “Claim Your Name” to empower students! To help students claim their names, teachers will show them an example using Alma and How She Got Her Name, conduct a community circle to practice name pronunciation, and end with a name writing activity. I hope that educators and parents find this free resource helpful in our journey to build up our students and community!

Back-to-School with Colorful Pages: Diverse Books About PreK-12 School

This year is probably the most important year to have youth read books about school. We can utilize diverse books about school to cultivate more positive feelings about school in the wake of anxiety about this year and grief about last year. Use one of these Diverse Books about PreK-12 School to do that! In this list, there are 10 Picture Books, 9 Early Chapter/Middle Grade Books, and 7 Young Adult Books.

Diverse Books for Guided Reading Groups

Diverse Books for Guided Reading Groups

n addition, it is important for all readers to see other races and cultures in the books we use for Guided Reading Groups. When we do this, we are showing that diversity and cultural appreciation is as foundational in our classroom communities as phonics and reading comprehension. To help classrooms, families, and libraries, I have compiled a list of my favorite diverse books for Guided Reading Groups.

"Grace for President" US Presidential Election Lesson for Grades 2-4

Colorful Pages Lesson Plan: “Grace for President”

We have created a Colorful Pages Lesson Plan surrounding Kelly DiPucchio's book for Grades 2-4. The lesson plan is aligned to Common Core State Standards for all three of those grades and can be easily aligned to your state's social studies standards. In this lesson, students discuss and research the question, “What is the US Presidential Election?” using Grace for President and a KWL (Know-Wonder/Want-Learn) Chart.