As a teacher, I know that I am always in need of YouTube videos to put on as my students have snack, do indoor recess, or need some quiet time. In addition, I always recommend YouTube Read Aloud videos to my families because they’re an easy way to have access to stories read aloud in English (if you have access to a computer, smart phone, or library). These videos increase student exposure to literacy while keeping them engaged due to a different read aloud format (video versus person in front of them).

5 Diverse Book Read Aloud Videos on YouTube.jpeg

Considering this, I am listing five read aloud videos featuring multicultural books to check out:

1. I Am Rosa Parks, by Brad Meltzer


This is a book about Rosa Parks that is illustrated and includes the use of speech bubbles. It delves into the true history of Rosa Parks in an engaging way for students.

2. Thunder Boy, Jr., by Sherman Alexie


The video reads aloud a story about a Native American boy searching for his name. It is a fun video with some sound effects in the beginning.

3. Chocolate Me!, by Taye Diggs


The book is about a little boy finding out that he needs to be happy with who he is. This video is really nice because it has the words reprinted on the screen and focuses in on important illustrations from the book

4. Niño Wrestles the World, by Yuyi Morales


This video is really cool because Yuyi Morales, the author, is reading aloud the book herself!! The books is about a little boy named Niño who wrestles several different people. It includes some Spanish throughout the book, which is a great glimpse into Niño’s culture.

5. Please, Baby, Please, by Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee


The book is about a caregiver talking to a baby and telling the baby what to do by saying, “ Please, Baby, Please”. This video has some nice sound effects to engage students more and reprints the text to help with literacy growth/shared reading.

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