Hello Colorful Pages friends and families! We are back from our brief hiatus and are so excited to continue sharing resources and information about diverse books!

Today, we are happy to share our first Pre-K/Preschool lesson plan. Whenever I present or give talks about Colorful Pages, ethnic studies, and diverse books, I often have Pre-K educators and families come up to me asking for resources. They express to me the difficulty finding resources in general, let alone resources to talk about diversity and that use diverse books. Therefore, I have made it one of Colorful Page’s goals to ensure that we include Pre-K so that we are able to support all educators and students in growing their cross-cultural empathy and cultural empowerment!

Pre-K Family Diversity & Writing Lesson Plan.png

I taught pre-K back in college and have many experiences with that age range. In addition, I have consulted other pre-K educators about the needs of their classroom while making this lesson.

Here is the lesson plan for Who? A Celebration of Babies Family Diversity & Writing Lesson Plan. It is created using the standards from the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework (2015), but can be modified to follow other standards frameworks.

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 4.20.32 PM

Who A Celebration of Babies, by Robie H. HarrisDuring the lesson, Pre-K students learn about family diversity and different family members using the diverse board book, Who?: A Celebration of Babies, written by Robbie H. Harris and illustrated by Natascha Rosenberg. Harris and Rosenberg’s board book has beautiful illustrations that showcase families of color and white families. It has great representation, but is still a quick read that will keep our little ones interested!

After the teacher reads aloud the book, students see the teacher model writing to advance their writing ability. Then, they get a chance to practice their own writing skills by writing about their families. The lesson plan includes a “My Family” worksheet at the end that has a picture box and one line to encourage our littles to try to start writing letters and/or words.

This lesson plan is a great start to talk about diversity and also invite families and the community into your classroom! Once students are done with their writing, consider holding a Family Celebration and invite families in to hear their students’ writing. This will help grow family-to-family interaction as well as student-family and teacher-family interactions.

What are you most excited about in this lesson? Let us know how it goes in your Pre-K classroom! We’re excited to be back and support our communities!



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