Building Self-Acceptance & Understanding: An Interview with Author Lexa Duno-Andreu

"They Will Ask Us" explores the questions, the well-meaning and the not, that people will bring to others around their identities. It uses figurative language to embrace the message of self-acceptance and empathy. I had the incredible pleasure to engage with Author Lexa Duno-Andreu in an interview. I love all my interviews with authors, but this one I had some deep questions for because of how I personally connected with the book. Check out the interview!

Back to School with Colorful Pages: Diverse Books About Starting School

Happy Back-to-School Time! I have put together a series of book lists that I think are perfect for the first couple months of school! We will be releasing each list throughout the beginning of the school year. In this list of “Books About Starting School”, we have diverse books about starting school. I feature books that are mostly by Authors of Color and perfect for any classroom. Like usual, there are some ideas about what you can do with the books or why they are good for this topic.

"Grace for President" US Presidential Election Lesson for Grades 2-4

Colorful Pages Lesson Plan: “Grace for President”

We have created a Colorful Pages Lesson Plan surrounding Kelly DiPucchio's book for Grades 2-4. The lesson plan is aligned to Common Core State Standards for all three of those grades and can be easily aligned to your state's social studies standards. In this lesson, students discuss and research the question, “What is the US Presidential Election?” using Grace for President and a KWL (Know-Wonder/Want-Learn) Chart.